Thursday, April 25, 2013

Radio Shack Pro-197 How To Guide Video

How to guide to the Radio Shack Pro-197 Digital Trunking Scanner.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Radio Shack Pro-197 (GRE PSR-600) Picture Review

Below are pictures of the Radio Shack Pro-197 digital scanner.  For review information please see my review of the PSR-500 which is basically the same radio, just a different case.  The Pro-197 does seem to perform better for VHF-High and 800 MHz reception in my area.  But the functions of the Pro-197 (PSR-600) is the same as the PSR-500 (Pro-106).  The main difference between the GRE PSR-500 and 600 vs the Pro-197 and 106 is that the GRE PSR models come with programming cables and AC adapters for the handhelds (AC adapters for both 600 and 197) while the Pro models do not.

On to the pictures....


Pro-197 Programming Menu

Pro-197 LCD

Pro-197 Keypad

Pro-197 bottom (speaker)
Pro-197 Rear

Pro-197 P25 Receiving

Pro-197 P25 Receiving (System Analyze)

Pro-197 brightest backlight setting

Pro-197 Menu Options

Pro-197 Menu Options

Pro-197 Menu Options

Pro-197 Favorites

Pro-197 Skywarn Scan

Pro-197 Menu Options

Pro-197 Menu Options

Pro-197 Backlight off
Pro-197 Keypad with no backlight

Pro-197 LCD with no backlight

Pro-197 and BC996T
Pro-197 Side

Pro-197 Search Mode

Pro-197 Menu

Pro-197 LED
Pro-197 Menu

Pro-197 LED
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