Friday, November 7, 2014

Uniden Home Patrol - II First Look

Check out my first look at the new Uniden Home Patrol-II.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Uniden Home Patrol II Announced

The Uniden Home Patrol II was just announced last week.

So what is different from the HP-1?

The Home Patrol II adds P25 Phase II compatibility and USB charging.  It is also a darker color.

If you aren't familiar with the Home Patrol I, the Home Patrol 1 and 2 feature a touch screen color display.  P25 digital trunking.  Also pre-programmed information by location.  You just type in your zip code and what types of agencies you want to monitor and you are scanning in no time!

You can check out the full specs on Uniden's website.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Whistler Scanners Coming Soon

Here is a sneak peak at what Whistler Group has in store for us on the scanner front.

Whistler Scanner Page

Whistler WS1010 is an analog 200 channel handheld scanner that scans frequencies from 29 to 512 MHz.  Seems to be a very basic, no frills analog scanner.  Next up is the Whistler WS1025.  It is the desktop version of the above WS1010.  Again, same frequency coverage, analog only.  These 2 seem to be rebadged GRE PSR 100 and PSR 200.


Next are the new digital trunking scanners.  They come in handheld (the WS1040) and the base/mobile scanner (WS1065).  You may notice that they look familiar.  That's because they are rebadged GRE PSR 500 and PSR 600 radios.   Both the 500 and 600 were very good scanners so I would expect that these new Whistler scanners would be much in the same.  No hard release date for any of these scanners have been published as of this writing (February 2014).


I did a How to with the Radio Shack Pro-197 (same as GRE PSR-600 (WS1065)).  I also did a review on the PSR-500.  They are both very capable scanners with tons of great features.  So I look forward to the Whistler branded scanners.

This post on hints at newer scanners coming down the pipe.  The WS1095.  That would be the never released PSR-900.  So one would assume if that is true they would re-release the PSR-800 with a revised model number.  But only time will tell if Whistler will innovate in the radio scanner space.  I am glad Uniden keeps the competition after GRE went down.  GRE always made great radios.  With Whistler in the business now, I hope competition breeds innovation between the two companies.

Check out Whistler's Facebook page for a sneak peak video of the WS1065 in action:

Post by Whistler Group.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Uniden BCD436HP First Impressions

The BCD436HP was just released and it is one of the best handhelds I have ever used.  With the large LCD displaying tons of information, the replay and recording features, full US and Canada frequency database stored on board, Location programming, and so much more this is a very nice radio!  Enjoy some pictures and a video of my first impressions.  I hope to have a full review very soon.  Thanks for looking!

Uniden BCD536HP Initial Impressions

The BCD536HP is Uniden's flagship scanner.  And it is awesome!  With the large LCD screen, playback and recording as well as the WiFi (future as of 2-5-14) app.  This is a very nice scanner.  Here are some pictures and a video of my first impressions.  Enjoy!  Please excuse the smudges and dust, I will have better pictures and a full review soon!

LARGE LCD compared to the BCD996T below it.